Treevi al Taglio

Palas Mall, Food Court

+40 727 379 140

Satisfy your pizza craving right in the Iulius Mall food court and discover the Italian experience "al taglio" in a simple and affordable way!

Inspired by the authentic Roman cuisine, pizza al taglio or "pizza by the slice" is a unique experience in itself: a crispy crust and tasty toppings that reveal a true culinary Roman feast!

From Diavola, Margherita, Capricciosa or Pepperoni, the pizzas that have made Italian cuisine known all over the world to other reinterpreted varieties, at Treevi you can be sure to find your kind of pizza or choose to be surprised trying new flavours.

And because Treevi is not just about pizza, your favorite slices can be accompanied by delicious soups cooked according to traditional recipes. Whether you opt for a chicken, meatballs soup or maybe you want to try a beef goulash, Treevi has options for every taste!

So come along, we are waiting for you in Iulius Mall to discover Treevi Pizza al Taglio with Italian inspiration and original favours!

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