Electric automobile charging stations

Electric automobile charging stations
There are 21 electric charging points in Palas:

15 stations in the immediate vicinity of the access barriers in the parking lot of the UBC building 3 (tower):

- 8 charging places x 22KW

- 2 charging place x 60KW

- 4 charging places x 44KW
-  1 charging places x 11KW

3 places near the escalator access area, building D4, entrance after Auchan:

- 3 charging places x 22KW

1 above-ground place in VIP parking x 22KW

2 above-ground sites behind the International Hotel, 1 x 60KW and 1 x 22KW

The stations set up within the projects of the IULIUS company from Iași have a maximum charging power of 22 KW and allow a current intensity of up to 32A, representing the smallest and lightest charger of this kind existing on the market. To refuel, customers only have to plug the car into the socket. While the car is being charged, the maximum allowed parking time being four hours, customers can enjoy shopping or relaxing at the cafes and restaurants in the Palas complex. In addition, the service is provided 24/7.