For burgers, Splend'Eat proposes variants with baked chicken, salmon, veggie sauce or halloumi, in appetizing combinations and defined by special sauces. Everything, to get a tasty and healthy burger that can be combined with delicious cooked potatoes, available with choice sauces. Customers can also opt for a variety of wrapping recipes combining flavors from the world's farthest corners. In addition, hot box is available in the Splend'Eat menu, a warm, light, but satiated preparation. It's a box full of goodies: baked chicken or veggie, Basmati rice or baked potatoes and salad.
For those who prefer salads, I find them in combinations based on satay chicken, in the oven or chilli, halloumi, smoked salmon, tuna or vegetarian pickles. And if they want their own recipe, they can do it at the Salad Bar. Also at Splend'Eat you can choose both cream soups and desserts for a complete menu.

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