Matryoshka is a place with goodies made after Russian recipes.

The menu includes soups and savory soups, as well as a variety of traditional Russian dishes: Pork spaghetti, Dorojniki with cheese, sour cabbage or potatoes and mushrooms, Pork meat, Pirojki with cherries or apples, Jarkoe with meat Pork, Chicken Rag with Vegetables, Beef Stroganoff of beef and cream sauce, potato dumplings and more. Also here, curious people can try the Shuba salad, made from Russian festive meals, marinated vegetables and herring, or Mimoza salad with ripe salmon. Those who love desserts can indulge with stuffed plums, Smetannik cake, baked in dough or other delights.

Matryoshka recipes are made from the best quality ingredients and carefully selected recipes, which faithfully reproduce the taste of traditional Russian dishes. 90% of the proposed dishes are cooked in the oven to make them healthier and more appetizing.

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