Located in the historic center, in the vicinity of the Palace of Culture, the PALAS urban ensemble is a genuine “city in the heart of the city”. Based on the “lifestyle center” concept, PALAS includes a shopping mall, shopping street, event halls, a 4 stars hotel, class A office buildings, underground parking facilities accommodating approximately 2,500 parking places, park and green spaces.

How to get to Palas Mall Iasi

Located in the heart of the city, PALAS is located in the vicinity of the Palace of Culture and is very easily accessible.


  • KidsLand

    Addressing children under the age of 12, Kidsland Club is a magical realm of childhood and joy, fitted with complex playground structures and a variety of pieces of equipment brought here for the first time in Moldova and even in Romania.
    While the parents are shopping in the PALAS Mall stores, their children can have fun and play under the careful watch of the specially trained staff that is always willing to show children how important they are in our lives! Telephone: 0232 708 465

  • Carusel

    The carousel is hand painted using vivid colors and features historic pictures of Iaşi, being one of the major landmarks of the Palas public garden. Manufactured in Italy, the carousel is adorned with decorations inspired by the Venetian Baroque style of the late 18th century.
    Schedule: 10:00 – 22:00
    Tariff: 5 RON / ride

  • Trampoline

    Palas Jump is a new leisure area located in the park, including a modern trampoline system ideal for physical exercise that promotes the harmonious development of the body and helps maintain a fit and toned figure.
    Program: 10:00 – 22:00
    Tariff: 5 RON / 6 min

  • Carwash

    We provide 2 ultramodern carwashes so that you can have your car cleaned when leaving our premises:
    Palas Car Wash, located in the Palas Mall Parking Facility, UBC 3 Building
    Tel: 0756310659
    Auto BDG carwash, located at the exit from the Auchan Parking Facility, level -1

  • Parking

    For your convenience, we offer the largest and most up-to-date underground parking facility in Romania, accommodating approximately 2,500 parking places. Details:

    • parking fee 3 RON / hour
    • overnight parking fee (11 PM – 9 AM) 1 RON / hour
    • 30 minutes free of charge for exit manoeuvers
    • 60 minutes free of charge for purchases over 100 RON de lei at Auchan (granted at the Info Centers)
    • Parking pass options, with prices starting at 100 RON.
    • the largest and most up-to-date underground parking facility in Romania, accommodating approximately 2,500 parking places automated and secured access
    • dynamic guidance system and signaling of available parking spaces
    • video surveillance
    • automated ventilation and fire safety system

Coaches and minibuses are offered free access to the Palas Mall parking lot located in front of the Palace of Culture. For more details contact the Info Center at: 0040 232 209 923

  • TAXI

    Taxi cabs are parked in the roundabout located at the Auchan access way or you can call a cab at either of the firms below:
    EURO TAXI: (0740) 217 217
    LUX TAXI: (0740) 255 255
    PARMA TAXI: (0742) 941 941



  • Strollers for children

    We provide a comfortable and efficient solution for parents who want to bring their children along when shopping!
    The strollers for children can be rented at the Palas Mall info centers. This service is free of charge.

  • Info Centers

    Palas Mall has 2 information centers located at the main entrances into the Mall.


Some of the stores in Palas reimburse the VAT for your shopping! Here’s what you have to do in order to benefit from the VAT reimbursement:

  • The shopper needs to be a resident outside of the European Community.
  • The goods have to be taken outside the European Community within 3 months of their purchase.
  • The total value of the purchases has to exceed 175 Euros (VAT included), as per the exchange rate set at the customs.
  • The products have to be purchased from the retail units providing tax-free services.

If all these requirements are met, the shopper shall request that the VAT reimbursement form be filled out at the relevant store. This document and the corresponding invoice must be certified at the Customs Office. The two shall be subsequently submitted to the store where the purchases were made in order to obtain the reimbursement VAT from the value of the said purchases.

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Tourist attractions in Iasi

The Palace of Culture is the main tourist attraction in Iasi and it was reopened this year after 8 years of renovation works.

The Palace in the center of Iasi was designed to evoke the communal palaces of Western Europe and provides an inspired blend of architectural styles, including neo-gothic, romantic and neo-baroque. The Palace made a strong impact on the architecture of the olden capital of Moldova and has stood out as a genuine landmark ever since its construction in the urban landscape.

Palace of Culture

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Please contact us using the forms provided in each of the sections or at either of the telephone numbers below:

Palas Mall Iași No. 7A Palas Street, Iaşi, Romania, near the Palace of Culture

Tel: +40-232-209.920 / 921 / 922 / 923
Fax: +40-232-209.924 / 925

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