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Teilor Dream of a Diamond

The jewels are the details that define our style and we value our personality. For special moments, memorable gifts or pampering moments, Teilor awaits you at any of the locations in the country.

The Jewelry Jewelry brand was launched in 1999, wishing to offer passion, innovation and elegance - exceptionally represented in gold and precious stones. Spectacular or discreet, the defining element of our brand is shaped around the concept of innovation - jewelry collections wearing the Teilor footprint - in a continuous evolution, new and unpredictable, elegant, but not always classic. The Teilor Store located in Palas Mall Iasi confirms the brand philosophy of bringing together various creations of international manufacturers and jewelry collections belonging to traditional brands in diamonds and precious stones - Hulchi Belluni, Antonellis, K di Kuore, Pesavento talento. Pesavento or Talento.

Futuristic design as well as the warm shades chosen in the shop design remind you of the intensity and texture of the precious metal from which the jewelery displayed in the shop windows is made. The visuals displayed inside Palas Mall Iasi capture the feminine sensuality and the elegant lines of jewelery through its iridescent colors and perfect contours. Thus, the photos made by Tibi Clenci ideally illustrate the motto of Teilor 2015: "Dream of a diamond."

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