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Valigeria will provide a wide range of original products from world-renowned producers such as "Secrid", "Bric`s", "RV Roncato", "Mandarina Duck", "Tuscany Leather", "Thule", "Martini", "Piquadro", "Old Angler", "MODO by Roncato" and "Alviero"

For any size of trolleys or ladies bags, sports bags, travel bags, business briefcases, laptop bags, sports bags, laptop backpacks, bracelets, wallets and travel accessories we are waiting for you in the Mis Valigeria store in Palas Mall, Parter, Subway..


Palas Mall, Level -1
+40771177435 / +40723552276

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Palas Mall, Atrium, Nivel 1
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Palas Mall, Atrium, Nivel 0
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