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Montiago is the reinterpretation of the Massimo store in Iulius Mall, which has been styling in the wardrobe's wardrobe since 2005. The new store, located at Level 1 of the Palas Mall, near Grafitti Cafe, offers distinctive clothing for those who appreciate the refinement of Italian fashion.

Montiago is addressed to ladies and gentlemen looking for quality and uniqueness, but also to gentlemen with style, who care for their impeccable outfit. For them, Montiago has selected pieces of clothing that are remarkable by their attention to detail, the special materials, the special cuts and the ability to highlight the personality of each. All articles are made in very short series, to give peculiarity to fashion enthusiasts. In addition, Montiago is the only representative of the region of Rhea Costa brand, created by the appreciated designer Andreea Constantin, being the place where any wishing can order the dress much dreamed.


Palas Mall, Level 0
0747 372 988

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