Flormar settled in Italy, in Milan in 1970, inspiring female beauty for more than 45 years. having been successful since the first years of its appearance with nail polish - becoming indispensable to ladies.
Subsequently, it has expanded its range of products starting to produce blush; Foundation; eye make-up; high quality mascara and at reasonable prices - thanks to these products, women around the world have discovered the harmony of makeup colors.
Flormar offers hundreds of products that meet every customer's needs through different sales, with more than 120 million products on the market, transforming beauty technology every day and rapidly leading the market through wholesale channels with over 4,000 stores the world, continuing to travel to various destinations in more than 85 countries and 5 continents.
Flormar is not limited to quality control. Specialists make R & D investments for every customer's understanding - each product is created by a team of experts in their field by continually renewing each season with fashion inspired by Milan researching and forming innovative and trustworthy formulas for high quality. Flormar sets trends in each season by helping women find the colors that reflect the senses and desires as the trends change.
Thanks to them, Flormar has become one of the most well-known and trustworthy brands, continuing to expand its number of stores.


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